Committing to healthier dietary choices is no easy task in a world of golden arches and food industry malpractice. To commit oneself to becoming a full-on vegan or vegetarian is an even more monumental decision.

With fast-food restaurants on every corner, it seems impossible to find some kind of healthy haven that’s equally as convenient. If only Las Vegas had some kind of quality, plant-based fast food restaurant.

It sounds like a dream, but it became a reality with the opening of Vege-Way in late September.

Located on 7790 S. Jones Blvd, Vege-Way is an all-vegan fast food/drive-thru experience. It’s the ingenious creation of Chef Kenny Chye, who sought to expand his business beyond his already popular vegetarian Chinese restaurant, Veggie House.

“When I opened Veggie House in 2012, I got so many people, even non-vegans, telling me they don’t see drive-thrus serving vegan fast food,” Chef Kenny said.

The demand for vegan fast food inspired him to open his revolutionary restaurant.

Chef Kenny says these customers used to tell him “You are the chef, you are a great chef, why don’t you start [one]?”

Thus, Vege-Way was born. The work put into creating the delicious food offered is evident in their most popular item, the vegan burger. This burger has the look, smell, texture and yes, even taste of the In-N-Out burger that inspired it. But, it’s healthier and uses a rice-based spread instead of the original mayo-based one.

Chef Kenny explained that all the sauces used in the restaurant (ranch, cajun, chipotle, etc.) are rice-based.

After tasting the burger, I tried the incredible soy-based popcorn chicken and graced my taste-buds with the vegan fish taco. The fish taco was probably my favorite, and it honestly didn’t taste too different from one of those fancy tacos you may find at some restaurant on the Strip.

Vege-Way also offers a chicken wrap, beef sandwich, fried zucchini and milkshakes.

Despite having been open for less than a month, Vege-Way has built a friendly and kind staff, and has quickly picked up popularity.

“We already have so many people coming in. This is day 24, and we didn’t have any advertising,” Chef Kenny said. He laughed when explaining that the place already has regulars who have come in five days in a row.

Vege-Way is simply a brilliant concept. Anyone, vegan or not, who is looking for a savory alternative to unhealthy fast-food cannot afford to pass this place up.